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As you all probably know, soccer is not popular in the United States. Yet(!), the U.S.A has more youth soccer players than any of the countries that are real contenders to win the world cup. The popularity of soccer in the U.S. is gradually gaining momentum. However it is still no where near as popular as it is in Europe. In Europe football is a religion.

I’m a huge soccer fan and I think it’s weird calling it soccer. But at the same time I’m not that used to calling it football (futbol). The problem I am always facing, nobody understands what I’m saying when I call it football. They mistakenly think that I am referring to American Football.

So let’s start calling it FOOTBALL!!!  If you love football, start following this blog! And if you don’t? Doesn’t matter, follow this blog and you will love football! We have a an rss feed and a newsletter. Would love for you to join the newsletter and you would get a weekly update emailed. We won’t send you a ton of emails so you won’t have to worry about that. Just the good stuff.